We are amazed and grateful for the endless energy, passion, dedication and countless hours invested by our contributors: those in years past, current committee members and future volunteers to come. Most importantly, the sincerity, warmth and openness of all that have come together for this initiative is the most inspiring. Thank You!

Founding Chair:  Rosa T. Sheng, AIA, LEED AP BD+C                              

Co-Chair:  Lilian Asperin, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Equity by Design 2018 Contributors

EQxD Core Team 2013- 2018: Rosa Sheng, Lilian Asperin, Saskia Dennis-van Dijl, Julia Mandell, and Annelise Pitts.

Equity in Architecture Survey 2016 - Rosa Sheng, Annelise Pitts, Michael Monti, Kendall Nicholson, Paul Ko, Ming Thompson/Atelier Cho Thompson, EQxD Core Team

Equity by Design Symposium Volunteers - Lucinda Tay, Danielle Lindsay-Chung, Anesu Dhliwayo, Amber Evans, Lauren Maass, Heather Chicoine, Abigail Hammett, Patricia Galvan, Suzan Ozcelik, Zahraa Saiyed, Madelyn McClellan, and Jenny Guan. 

Equity by Design Symposium Thought Leaders (use this link to view their names and profiles)

Special Thanks to: Jenn Jones, AIASF Executive Director, Aaron Highland, AIASF 2016 President, 2016 AIASF Board of Directors,  AIASF Staff, AIA National, NCARB, ACSA, NAAB, AIAS, NOMA and everyone who participated in the survey. We would also like to acknowledge all our sponsors for their gracious support.


Equity by Design 2015 Contributors

EQxD Core Team: Rosa Sheng, Lilian Asperin-Clyman, Saskia Dennis-van Dijl, Amber Evans, Julia Mandell and Abigail Hammet. We would like to thank the following contributors for their support in 2015. 

Special Thanks to: Jenn Jones, AIASF Executive Director, Irving Gonzales, AIASF 2015 President, 2015 AIASF Board of Directors,  AIASF Staff, AIA National, everyone who participated in and supported our 2015 EQxD "U" Workshops, endorsement of the AIA Resolution 15-1 for Equity in Architecture and attending the inaugural AIA Convention EQxD Hackathon Program.

We would also like to acknowledge all our sponsors for their gracious support.


Equity by Design 2014 Contributors

What an amazing day we had at the Equity by Design Symposium on October 18, 2014! None of this would be possible without the amazing contributions of our core team, symposium planning team, research team, 

Past Contributors

Helen Wong % Margie O'Driscoll % Saskia Dennis VanDijl % Trudi Hummel % Laurie Dreyer % Annelise Pitts % Lisa Boquiren % Catherine Nueva Espana % Ashley Hinton % Adrienne Steichen % Liz Thelon Torres % Mary Haywood % Abigail Hammett % Wesley Wong % Je'Nen Chastain % Eirik Evenhouse % Jesseca Reddell % Ruohnan Hu % Evelyn Lee % Jenny Guan % Sharon Portnoy % Amber Evans % Ming Thompson % Christina Cho-Yoo % Sarah Lucy Estephan % Lauren Maass % Katy Hearey Faix % Anna Han % Julia Mandell % Jessica Rafferty % Darlene Jang % Deepika Padaam % Prairna Gupta % Matthew Gaul % Wesley Wong % Maia Small %