Equity in Architecture Survey 2018

In marking the 5 year anniversary celebrating the group’s work, Equity by Design will conduct its third national survey. Building upon lessons learned in 2014 and 2016, the survey will raise the goal to reach 10,000 responses from architectural graduates and professionals across the nation.

Equity in Architecture Survey 2018...IS CLOSED!

Thanks to everyone who participated, advocated and sponsored the #EQIASurvey2018. Early results indicate that we have over 13,000 respondents!!! Well over the #10kvoices of our original goal. And now the data cleaning begins...stay tuned for info on #EQxDV 11/3 Symposium for reveal of the findings. Thanks again to our amazing research team, volunteers, advocates, distribution partners, and survey sponsors!

February 12 to March 16, 2018

In marking the five year anniversary celebrating the group’s work, Equity by Design will conduct our third national survey. Building upon lessons learned in 2014 and 2016, the survey will raise the goal to reach respondents from architectural graduates and professionals across the nation. The survey will be designed by the Equity by Design/ACSA Research Team in collaboration with a national group of volunteers in the industry to develop survey goals. The group will be capturing career experiences of architectural school graduates from accredited programs (regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, license status or practice status.)


Project Overview and Goals

The Equity in Architecture Survey 2018 will generate a national comprehensive national dataset detailing current positions and career experiences of architecture school graduates. To maintain statistical integrity, 2018 survey invitations will be distributed only by email to a broad cross-section of the profession with the assistance of our Survey Distribution Partners - Architecture’s collateral organizations (AIA, NCARB, ACSA, NOMA) AIA component chapters, firms, and academic institutions. We aim to gather 10,000+ responses, making the 2018 survey the largest ever conducted on the topic of equity within the profession.

The resulting analysis will focus on the differential experiences of professionals based on gender, as well as race and ethnicity. This analysis is focused on the following research objectives:

  • Build a comprehensive national dataset detailing the career experiences, perceptions, and aspirations of graduates of architecture programs
  • Explore career dynamics and pinch points that shape these experiences in the field, and determine whether these experiences vary on the basis of personal identity
  • Highlight equitable practices that help individuals and firms navigate pinch points and career dynamics

Career Dynamics and Pinch Points

There are two closely related frameworks for understanding how issues of equity impact the lives of architecture school graduates. Career Dynamics explores underlying tensions that persist throughout our professional lives, and the factors that drive career perceptions. Career Pinch Points offers insight into personal and professional milestones that have the tendency to hinder career progression, and influence decisions to leave the field. Throughout our analysis, we’ve examined respondents’ perceptions of key spheres of their professional lives. These perceptions, which we’ve called Metrics of Success, are strongly correlated with behaviors, policies, and environments that increase the likelihood of  satisfying and sustainable careers in architecture for all professionals.


Q1. Who Should take this survey?

A1. This is a national survey for Architectural School Graduates regardless of current employment status. While the primary analysis will be based on respondents living in the U.S., we have had international respondents in the past.

  • Currently working, on leave of absence, temporarily unemployed from Architectural Practice
  • Currently working outside of Architectural Practice, but still working in the built environment
  • Currently working in another industry not related to Architectural Practice
  • Currently not working and not planning to return to Architectural Practice
  • All Gender Identities, All Race/Ethnicities, all Sexual Orientations.

Q2. How can I get access to take the survey?

A2. In order to preserve the statistical integrity of the survey, we cannot provide the survey link on social media. There are several factors including self-selection bias and other forms of tampering. Our research team has advised that these are the options for taking the survey.

  • You receive an email with survey link from one of our Architecture Organization Distribution Partners (AIA National, AIA State or Local Chapters, NCARB, ACSA, or NOMA.)
  • You receive an email with survey link from the Architecture firm employer 
  • You receive an email with survey link from the Architecture School (s) where you earned your degree
  • You are a firm Owner/Leader w/ the desire to participate AND signed up with EQxD to distribute the email with survey link to ALL staff. (PLEASE NOTE: AFTER FEB 12 LAUNCH, RESPONSE TO REQUESTS WILL BE WITHIN 48 HOURS.)

Q3. What if I don't receive a link from the above groups mentioned? Can EQxD send me an individual link?

A3. As we need to preserve the integrity of the survey, EQxD cannot email the survey link directly to interested individuals who contact us as this would influence the survey results w/ create a self selection bias. Example: More women may be interested in the issues of equity than men and therefore are more aware of the survey. In 2014, we had more women taking the survey than men because of this interest. Since we know that there are more men in the profession than women, this would influence the analysis and results of the survey.

That being said, if you are a firm owner or can influence firm owners to participate and complete an agreement form. See A2.

Q4. Who has access to the information I provide? I want to be candid, but how do you preserve integrity?

A4. EQxD's research partner, the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture will be administering the data cleaning and analysis for the Equity in Architecture survey. Additionally they will be reviewing the questions for the survey prior to launch to preserve the integrity of the responses. 

Q5. We would like to administer the survey in my organization or firm, can we have a copy of the questions and conduct a separate survey to compare the results w/ the EQiA Survey 2018?

A5. In order to preserve the integrity and privacy of the EQiA survey respondents, we do not release the questions for survey purposes of individual organizations/firms. Additionally, responses may be different when conducted by a smaller group and the depth of analysis would not be possible w/ a smaller group of respondents. There will be opportunities for groups with a large number of respondents to have some key findings compared to the national findings. So encouraging your organization or firm to participate in the survey will increase the likelihood for a larger respondent pool.

Q6. Why is AIASF/Equity by Design administering a National Equity in Architecture Survey?

A6. Since Equity by Design's founding in 2013, we realized the lack of research on the issues of equitable practice and committed to producing a national study that would have significant influence on shaping the conversation and actions to advance the profession. AIASF Board of Directors have generously committed to sponsorship in their annual operating budget seeking firms and allies to join as sustaining sponsors. The resulting key findings and deep dive analysis are thus open source and free as a resource to everyone. 

Other Questions?

If you have a question that was not answered by FAQ's here, please submit here and allow for 3-5 days for response. Thanks for your patience, we are all volunteers.

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