#EQxDV Symposium 2018

AIASF Equity by Design proudly presents our fifth Symposium on November 3, 2018

#EQxDV : Voices, Values, Vision

San Francisco Art Institute, 800 Chestnut Street

Registration for #EQxDV will begin on August 22

AIA San Francisco Equity by Design (EQxD) Committee is proud to present our 5th Symposium, #EQxDV - Voices, Values, Vision, on Saturday, November 3, 2018 from 8:30 – 5:00 pm at the San Francisco Art Institute. 

The #EQxDV Symposium is our most anticipated gathering of committed Champions and Change Agents from all over the United States and abroad to advance the movement for equitable practice and the future of architecture.

The framework for the #EQxDV Symposium program is defined by two anchors: presentation of the early findings of the 2018 Equity in Architecture Survey and active engagement in the form of panel discussions, break-out sessions, and networking opportunities. We are looking for Thought Leaders who are content experts, passionate advocates, and those willing to shape portions of the day’s program.  As with years prior, you will, together with our leadership group, be deeply involved in the design of the day’s experience.


EQxDV marks the fifth anniversary of Equity by Design. We have made incredible strides towards equitable practice with three groundbreaking surveys that have launched a national movement in architecture and allied professions. In light of deep challenges and uncertainty within the profession, our communities, and the world, we remain steadfast and committed to our collective progress towards equity. Equity is the work of minimizing barriers to maximize our potential for success. We are focused on studying the root causes of a broken professional culture, creating just access for all, and giving everyone a fair chance to thrive. Working in collaboration with partners at all levels of practice, we will champion the difficult conversations and important work that still needs to be undertaken to further advancements in equitable practice and design impact.


To attract and retain the most diverse talent we must hear from those in practice and beyond. We need to listen to their challenges, concerns, and aspirations. With over 13,000 responses, the 2018 Equity in Architecture Survey is the largest and most comprehensive dataset of career perceptions and experiences in the industry. This unprecedented collection of professional voices is the testimony that allows us to build a deeper understanding of where we are and of the critical work needed to move forward. This year we commit to leveraging our platform to amplify all voices and create a safe space for everyone, regardless of position or identity, to speak up and be heard.


Within a broad diversity of identities and experiences, we come together to find the common ground in our core values. This year we will explore how they guide us in choosing our collaborators, shaping our work culture, and cultivating our design leadership to make the most lasting impact within our communities. We will explore how we can “walk the talk” and communicate our worth as engaged citizens and as architects and leaders. Lastly, we uphold the values of equity, inclusion, dignity, and respect as an integrated approach in our design work that deeply resonates for individuals, practices, clients, and our communities.  


We continue to expand our focus and explore the future of a better world. As we begin to see equitable practice in action in practices of all sizes, we can build on that reality, exploring new types of services, new relationships, new symbiotic models for work culture and life. This year we will also look beyond our workplaces and envision how equity in practice can inform our design work, aiding us in creating equitable outcomes, inclusive experiences, and dignified spaces.

Now is Our Time to Lead

We have come so far in our journey, yet we must go farther; our work is far from done. Working towards a just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive profession is a marathon, not a sprint. Each of us has an integral role to play: sharing our stories, advocating for our values, and paving a new path forward to shape the future of architecture. Together we are stronger. Will you join us?


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Looking Back, Symposium 2016 #EQxDM3 Highlights

Video by Corey Leavitt, Filmmaker

AIA San Francisco proudly presents its fourth Symposium, Equity by Design: Metrics, Meaning & Matrices on October 29, 2016 at the San Francisco Art Institute. The conversation that began as an exploration of the “missing 32%” and the lack of women leaders in architecture has become an international movement with a much broader depth. Equity by Design is focused on achieving equitable practice in architecture in order to retain talent, advance the profession, and engage the public in understanding architecture’s true value and impact. Equity's impact in the designed and built environment has the potential to improve the quality of life, reinforce sustainability and concurrently benefit the economic outcomes of the communities that adopt it.


Why Equity in Architecture Matters.

Equity is the ethos of our work. It is the ability to recognize difference and provide fair and just access to opportunities. Equity also speaks to a collective ownership, vested interest and knowledge of our worth. Equitable practice promotes the recruitment and retention of the most diverse talent while building stronger, successful, sustainable practices. The equitable representation of professionals allows us to better represent the people we are meant to serve. Equity is for everyone - architects, design collaborators, clients, and our communities.

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