EQxD Sponsorship - 2016

    AIASF Sustaining Sponsorship Program

    AIASF Sustaining Sponsorship Program

Greatest appreciation goes to our 2016 Sponsors and Partners. Funding for EQxD initiatives is made possible by the AIASF Sustaining Sponsorship program. For a full list of sustaining sponsors, please visit the AIASF Website. Above and beyond, the following sponsoring firms and organizations are EQxD Champions who have expressed explicit interest in funding our 2016 initiatives; We are grateful for your support! There is much work to be done and we need your support. If you are interested in sponsoring this important effort, please complete the form below.

EQxD Champions - Equity in Architecture Survey

EQxD Champions - AIA National Convention EQxD Hackathon


EQxD Champions for 10/29 Symposium

We will be updating this section as we fulfill our sponsorship campaign goals for October 29th. Please help us support our program goals to deliver the most engaging, thought provoking and impactful event of the year.

We have also received sponsorship support from an AIA National Diversity & Inclusion grant for the Equity in Architecture survey and research. 

Partners & Friends

In-kind support of Equity by Design and participation in the Equity in Architecture Survey 2016 includes AIA National, National Association of Architectural Review Boards (NCARB) , ACSA, NAAB, AIAS and NOMA. 

EQxD Sponsorship - 2015

We are grateful to our supportive sponsors and partners for our Equity by Design 2015 Initiatives and Research Endowment. To date, we have raised $17,000 for 2015. Thanks! Here are some highlights of programs that were funded by your support.

  • Completion and Distribution of the Equity in Architecture Survey Summary Report (Spring 2015)
  • Local EQxD "U" programs (workshops highlighting supplemental leadership skills) (4 events 2015)
  • National "outreach" presentations of Early Survey Findings and 2015 Initiatives (ongoing)
  • Equity in Architecture Resolution 15-1 Sponsorship and Coalition Building for Delegate Vote.
  • Scholarships for Students, EP,YAF for WE310 EQxD Convention Hackathon and Happy Hour 
  • Grow an endowment for future research work (Equity in Architecture Survey in 2016)
  • Development of the EQxD Alliance - AEC Community and Network for Equitable Practice (ongoing)


Equity by Design Sponsorship - 2014

We are grateful to our supportive sponsors and partners in The Missing 32% Project's Research Goals, Symposium, and Endowment. In months to come, we will seek to continue sponsorship of the research project for future years as well as the upcoming Symposium in the fall with a National Sponsorship Campaign to build the endowment for Equity in Architecture Survey. We hope you will support us and spread the word. Our goal was to raise $30,000 for the Equity in Architecture Survey, Equity by Design Symposium and our 2015 endowment. To date, we have raised $34,000! We would like to thank our generous Sponsoring and In-Kind Partners for their support of The Missing 32% Project.

Partners and Friends

Equity by Design is a Committee of AIA San Francisco. We are grateful for the friendships and alliances we have established since July 2014. Please visit www.theequityalliance.com for further collaboration towards equitable practice.